Sumit is an Entrepreneur, a sensational Technogeek, an Ace Programmer, a Strategist, a Visionary, a Thinker and a Hard Core Planner. He has more than a decade of experience in Product Development, Architecture Planning and Project Management and has worked with top IT companies. His primary focus areas include Java, MS technologies, PHP (Open Source) and he’s an expert programmer on various platforms like .NET 2,3.5,4.0, WordPress, Joomla, Magento. As a Technogeek and real social enthusiast, he is actively involved in the development of innovative products for various social networks. He loves to explore new Ideas and venturing latest technologies. He has an excellent provenance of knowledge and always eager to share his knowledge with his students. His eagerness to proliferate his student's knowledge make him an ideal mentor who constantly guide students.

Sumit Ghosh


Ravi Wray

Senior Project Manager

Mohit has an affluent experience of 5 years in Software Product Management, Product Sales, Business Development, Operations Management and has unanimous experience in Product Development and Marketing. His primary area of proficiency embrace Testing-Automation, Embedded Designing, and Software Testing. As an experienced product sales manager, he is passionately involved in the development and marketing of new technology-based products across a wide range of verticals and at the same time he's very much interested in sharing his huge reservoir of knowledge with others. His passion for this field is incredible and can match only by his avidity to share his knowledge. His professional experience with his teaching skill gives a threshold to his proficiency

Mohit Gupta