Chanchal has 2+ years of prosperous experience in Graphic Designing, Brand Logo Creation, Web Designing and UI Designing. He is a person looking for challenges, innovation and a desire to break away from the regular through skilled leadership. He believes, there's no end to what you can learn, Or where you can learn. From blackboard to monitor, your learning knows no limits. He loves to explore new kind of technologies and intense to share his knowledge with learners worldwide. He is not a mind reader but his passion and eagerness to share his knowledge come pretty close and that makes his students dive deep into each skill. He found the vision of life to make every opportunity a time to become the best at what you do at Edu Mongoose. Hence, he associated with this organization for explaining what he knows about Web and Graphics Designing to learners worldwide.


Senior Lead UI/UX Developer

Sitesh believes, “The more technology you learn, the more you realize how little you know”. With 1+ years of extensive experience in PHP, Node.js, Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, Mysql, Laravel, Zend, and MongoDB, Sitesh has been ideal for many of his interns. He is a kind of person who never tired of learning novel technologies and enjoy experimenting with various techniques. Its feel worthy of having knowledge if you make other people learn for the same. So, he is equally passionate to share his knowledge with his students at a higher glance. As per to him, success from a final version is a myth, and there is the only iteration. Through iteration, we gain better products. Through better products, we gain traction. Through traction, we gain success, misguided tech specs are broken. The development cycle keeps going and being a phase of this cycle; you have to look for opportunities, and Edu Mongoose is the best option to get any opportunity.

Sitesh Ranjan

Php Developer

Anil has devoted 1+ years in the software industry and had expertise with the knowledge in .net and Android. He is a person who has great passion in programming, creativity, and illustration. His dream is not to only master all the technologies and become one of the top developers in the world but also to make people proficient in programming. According to Anil, programming is similar to a game of golf. The point is not getting the ball in the hole but how many strokes it takes. Well, as much he is curious for coding, so he approaches to teach his student with multiple programming skills. But you always need a platform to demonstrate your ideas and knowledge, and it is what Edu Mongoose do, it’s all about your area of interest. Being a part of this organization you will get what you have desired for.

Anil Giri

senior .net developer

With 4+ years of work experience in .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, C#, Angular JS, JavaScript, Html, MSSQL, MySQL and MongoDB, Sachin has gained proficiency in programming languages. He is a person who wants to learn every new language of programming. His intense interest drives him to leverage interns with programming knowledge. As per to Sachin, programming is all about to discover and explore more things. Programming is not about typing, it’s all about thinking and to think concisely you have to learn the languages. Sachin has always thought of sharing his knowledge with his students and so is he accomplished with Edu Mongoose.

Sachin Upadhyay

senior .net developer

Uday has 1+ years of rich experience in programming skills like PHP and WordPress. He is a person who never stops thinking for new inventions and updated technology that can give a different aspect of programming. He believes “good code is its best documentation, as you’re about to add a comment, ask yourself.” He never satisfies of learning more programming languages and hence his interest drives him to provide immense knowledge about programming to the student. Being a part of an organization where you can learn at each and every second is the best thing to get involved with. Therefore he is associated with Edu Mongoose to provide the best knowledge to the interns.


Php and Javascript developer